(Ji Suk Jin’s Twitter update): see u again Hongkong thank you~ 

hello! I love RM, I love them all (but my favourite member is Kwang Soo). I'm so glad you created this blog because I think Suk Jin is so underrated and he deserves to feel loved by all the RM's fans. keep this blog going! much love
Anonymous ASKED

thank youuu~! i’ll do my best to keep this blog alive. our ahjussi need more love. <3


He’s so cute at the end! So like him to nominate Ms. MongJi!



[2014.07.31] Running Man shout out for Race Start S2 in HongKong

「Running Man Fan Meeting Asia Tour 2014 “RACE START!” Season 2 in Hong Kong on October 4, 2014」

Credit ELF Asia Ltd 


Race Start! Season 2 In Indonesia 25th October~~~~~ Details unknown yet

Via: MunialSportGroup youtube


Sibling Couple

Ji Suk Jin had some problems so Song Ji Hyo, his smart little sister, came to help him


Day out with the “father-in-law”

(part 3: the “i’m-going-to-fit-in-no-matter-what” role)

- Episode 206



Ji Suk Jin has an odd obsession with moving his hips when he sings.

Wangko hyungnim’s hips don’t lie


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