hello! I love RM, I love them all (but my favourite member is Kwang Soo). I'm so glad you created this blog because I think Suk Jin is so underrated and he deserves to feel loved by all the RM's fans. keep this blog going! much love
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thank youuu~! i’ll do my best to keep this blog alive. our ahjussi need more love. <3


He’s so cute at the end! So like him to nominate Ms. MongJi!



[2014.07.31] Running Man shout out for Race Start S2 in HongKong

「Running Man Fan Meeting Asia Tour 2014 “RACE START!” Season 2 in Hong Kong on October 4, 2014」

Credit ELF Asia Ltd 


Race Start! Season 2 In Indonesia 25th October~~~~~ Details unknown yet

Via: MunialSportGroup youtube


Sibling Couple

Ji Suk Jin had some problems so Song Ji Hyo, his smart little sister, came to help him


Day out with the “father-in-law”

(part 3: the “i’m-going-to-fit-in-no-matter-what” role)

- Episode 206



Ji Suk Jin has an odd obsession with moving his hips when he sings.

Wangko hyungnim’s hips don’t lie


(Source: kpoppumpkinpatch)

Is Ji Suk Jin your bias on running man? If so, why?
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Yes! I do love all members, but he is definitely my favourite!

Even though he is the weakest and the eldest, but he didn’t quit. I just love his willingness to always be in the show. And i always find myself cheering him a lot whenever he’s tired or getting bad luck on screen. 

His joke! His cheesy joke, terrible acting, ability to make weird song on spot, are just perfect! 

He is actually very clever! There are several episode showing his intelligence. 

What else… his relationship with other members too! Suk brother, father-daughter with Ji hyo, Betrayal Club…   

I can write more, but i will stop this here. Woo Swaaa!!