This is not suk jin or RM related. But this song might suit all you ahjussi fans. :p


Nothing beats those RM first meetings with celebrities where they’re being hunted down but also going “OMG SUNBAENIM! IT’S SO NICE TO MEET YOU! I’M YOUR FAN—AHHHHH NO PLEASE!” 

i just realized that this blog already have 300+ followers, and i forgot to do gif party! so here it is! WOO SWAAA~!!

Ji Suk Jin & Song Ji Hyo (The Father and The Daughter)

Can you put up gifs of Ji Suk Jin and Song Ji Hyo moments and what are your favourite moments between those two? I just feel that they don't just have a friendship but they are family and Suk Jin treats Ji Hyo as his daughter, what do you think?
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Sure! i think i already post it, it’s somewhere in the blog. But i’ll post it again later. :D
Hm… i can’t really choose one! There are a lot of moment when Suk Jin take care of Ji Hyo, and it’s really adorable. Like a father care for his daughter and vice versa, yes i agree with you!

While other RM members sometimes treat her like same ‘male’ member. (Because of her strength and awesomeness perhaps)
But Suk Jin (and Jae Suk) treat her and care her like a daughter. <3

(btw, sorry if my english messed up. it’s not my native language. :p)

Hi! ^^ I just want to ask what is the tittle of Ji Suk Jin new show in mbc? the one that he introduce his family...hahaha BTW it was a great blog!!! I LURVE IT! <3 <3
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Hi! It is “우리집 막둥이”. |
You can watch in on

Thanks! <3


A man’s slumber party.

omg i love how jaesuk just watched jongkook with horror from the door
and babies jaesuk and gwangsoo jumping on the bed while sukjin is trying to sleep

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